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Under Eye Filler

Are you done looking tired every day? Under eye fillers might be the solution for you. Treat your dark circles, hollow eyes, puffiness, under eye bags and wrinkles with under eye fillers. These fillers will provide volume and plump area and make you look fresh and young. Get yourself under eye fillers today; say goodbye to exhausted eyes and hello to bright-eye fresh you.

Under Eye Filler injections

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What are Under Eye Fillers?

Under eye fillers, also known as tear trough fillers which is a cosmetic treatment used to treat dark under eyes. It is a gel-like material mostly containing hyaluronic acid, which is injected under the eyes to fill hollow spaces and to improve the under-eye area.

Under eye fillers are beneficial for people with extreme hollow under eye area, aging factor or genetic dark circles.

If you’re thinking of getting under eye fillers in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, book your consultation with Dr Alaa Aref in order to get complete information regarding this process. Discuss the benefits and potential risks, and side effects of this treatment.

Under Eye Fillers Before and After

You can clearly see the difference between before and after treatment of under eyes by clicking here. To achieve this, book your consultation today at our clinic and get yourself treated.

Types of Under Eye Fillers

Under eye fillers are common nowadays in order to treat wrinkles, aging factors and genetic dark circles. Hyaluronic acid is present in our body naturally which provides freshness to our eyes and a plump skin. As the time passes, the substance automatically starts decreasing.

There are different hyaluronic fillers that are used to treat under eye problems:

  • Restylane Filler: It is a type of filler thinner than others, providing smooth and fine finish under the eyes. It is specially made for under eye treatments.

  • Juvederm Filler: It is another filler used to make under eye natural and fuller. It adds volume to the under eye.

  • Belotero Filler: This type of filler is used to treat hollow eyes and fine lines. It really provides a natural look after the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most used fillers by any cosmetic surgeon; other than this, fillers like calcium hydroxyapatite or poly L-lactic acid fillers are also used, which increases the production of collagen in your body and eventually makes your skin looks young and plump. It also adds volume to the under eyes.

Before going for any under eye treatment, it is important to consult your surgeon. Fillers are done keeping in view the preference of the patient as well as the condition a patient is going through. You will get to know after a detailed examination with your surgeon.

Personal Consultation

During your private consultation, Dr. Alaa Aref will perform a thorough examination before going through your medical and surgical histories, as well as the medications you have been taking. She will then make a suggestion for you based on your issue. If you're considering getting under-eye fillers in Jeddah, she will counsel you to obtain what's best for you. If you are approved for the therapy, our clinic will inform you of the specifics of your treatment day. We will also include information on what to do and what not to do as part of your pre-treatment instructions.

Who is the ideal candidate for Under Eye Filler treatment?

The ideal candidate for under eye filler treatment is someone who has extremely dark circles, hollow under eye areas, wrinkles or bags under the eyes. This could be because of the aging factor, genetic, medical issues or bad health habits.

The candidates for under eye filler treatments should have:

  • Good health condition

  • Realistic approach after the treatment

  • Good skin in the treatment area

  • Do not have any active infections in the treatment area

  • Should not be allergic to any type of fillers

Most of the people are a suitable candidate for the under eye treatment, some of the people are not. It is better to schedule a session with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your problem with him. It is better to have expert advice, share your medical history.

If you are suitable for this treatment, go for it. It is better to discuss your preferences and goals with the doctor.

Procedure for Under Eye treatment

Following are the steps that are involved:

Consultation: It is important to have a consultation with your Dermatologist before undergoing any treatment. Give him/her your medical history and talk about your preferences in detail. If your dermatologist approves, go for the under eye fillers.

Preparation: Before the procedure starts, Your Dermatologist will give you anesthesia to numb the desired area that has to be treated. It will minimize the discomfort. The area will be cleaned for the procedure.

Injection: Your Dermatologist will use a fine needle to inject the filler under your eyes. The process is a bit slow to fill all the gaps and provide volume to the desired areas.

Massage: After the filler is injected, Your Dermatologist will gently massage the area in order to spread the fillers equally, so it provides a smooth and natural look.


You will be given some instructions after the treatment. You need to stop a few activities for a certain time period so the treated area can heal. In case of pain or any discomfort, use ice bags or recommended painkillers to minimize the pain.

The procedure might take 30 minutes or more depending on every individual’s problem. Results can be seen after some time and can last up to one year or more depending on the filler being used and how good you are taking care of it.

It is essential to choose an experienced cosmetic injector in order to get the good results as well as to avoid any issues in the future.

Under Eye Filler Benefits

Following are the benefits of under eye fillers:

  • It reduces the appearance of dark circles, removes the hollow eyes and reduces under eye bags, which will make you look fresh and young.

  • If you have genetic dark circles, under eye fillers help with that as well.

  • Under eye fillers minimize the wrinkles and make the under eye area smooth, creating a smooth and fresh look.

  • It takes little to no time to recover, allowing patients to do their daily activities easily.

  • Fillers can be customized according to your preferences and provide you benefits for a long time.

  • Under eye fillers are long lasting and can last up to one year or more depending on how you are taking care of yourself.

Under eye fillers are good for those who want to improve their appearance. It is good for those as well who don't want to go under complex procedures. However, it is essential to choose an experienced, certified and qualified cosmetic injector, in order to get the treatment successfully, and to have a good outcome.

“Unlock a brighter, more refreshed appearance with our custom under eye filler treatments.”

Risks and Complications of Under Eye Fillers

Along with the benefits, there are a few risks of under eye fillers as well:

  • Swelling and bruising is one of the common things after the procedure. The under eye area looks bruised and red for several days.

  • Some people can get infections due to the needle although the needles are sterilized. The area can look red and it can be painful as well.

  • Some people might experience allergic reactions due to the fillers, which can cause itching or rashes.

  • If the fillers are not injected properly, it can form a lump under the eye.

  • In some cases, the fillers can cause discoloration to the treated area.

  • Some people might face doubled or blurred vision due to fillers, but it will go away in a few days.

  • In rare cases, fillers might migrate from one area to another creating bumps or lumps on the face.

It is better to go to an expert cosmetic injector to avoid such issues after the under eye filler treatments. Do not undergo any treatment without the consultation, and always go for the treatment that is suitable for your problem.

Steps to Minimize the Risks of Under Eye Fillers

Several steps can be taken to avoid any risks after getting under eye fillers:

  • It is essential to get a proper consultation before undergoing any treatment. If you are eligible for the procedure, then opt for it.

  • Research is a must. Do your complete research of fillers ( before going for it. )

  • Follow the post-treatment instructions given by the doctor in order to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Take your medications on time in case you feel any discomfort or pain.

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes or under eyes, so there will be minimum chances of any infections or allergies.

  • Use ice bags to reduce swelling and redness.

  • If you feel any redness or experience itchiness in your eyes, without delay go to your injector. Do not avoid these unusual symptoms.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to avoid any risks after the treatment. By following these steps, it will help you recover quickly and provide you with a young and fresh look.

Which procedure is best for you?

There are different types of fillers, go for the treatment that is recommended by your doctor. Get a consultation with your Dermatologist and discuss everything including your preferences and goals. Do not opt for any treatment without research and consultation.

Under Eye Fillers Cost

As a Dermatologist in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, we understand the cost of the treatment should be significant for the patients. The cost of under eye fillers at Dr Alaa Aref's Clinic may vary depending on the type and complexity of the procedure.

Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your self!

Under Eye Fillers vs Botox

​Under Eye Fillers


  • Under eye fillers are used to treat under eye dark circles and fill the hollow space. It is good to add some volume and freshness to the under eye area.

  • Botox treatment is used to treat wrinkles around the eye.

  • ​Under eye fillers are injected through injections containing mostly hyaluronic acid, which provides goodness to the affected area.

  • Botox involves the insertion of botulinum toxin that is mostly injected in specific muscles in order to reduce wrinkles. It paralyzes the area for a certain period and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Under eye fillers involve no time to a little time to recover. You need to follow the post-treatment instructions. Under eye fillers show the instant difference and the results are immediate.

  • Botox needs some time to show the results. It requires a few days to recover and take up to three to four months to show the results.

  • Under eye fillers are more expensive.

  • Botox is less expensive than under eye fillers.

The results of both the treatments may vary from person to person. It also depends on the Dermatologist you have chosen. The choice of treatments also depends on an individual’s problem and the budget.

Why Dr. Alaa Aref?

One of the most influential women in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Alaa Aref is also the most skilled cosmetic surgeon with 18 years of experience.

It is always important to make the right decision for yourself. Get your under eye fillers done at our clinic. We assure you will get the best treatment here. With experienced doctors and staff, you will feel safe and comfortable.

We assure you won’t regret coming to our clinic. To know more, book your consultation today.


Do under eye fillers change your face?

Under eye fillers can change your face, but it depends on the treatment you are getting. The purpose of under eye fillers is to fill the hollow space and add volume to the under eye area. It provides a fresh and young look and makes you get rid of the dark circle. If too much filler is used, it definitely gives an artificial look to your face. It is important to choose an expert cosmetic injector in order to get the best results.

Is under eye filler painful?

How many times do you have to get under eye fillers?

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