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Dermal Fillers For Nose

Are you trying to find a non-surgical solution to improve the look of your nose? Nose fillers are the answer. In order to attain a more even and symmetrical facial appearance, these minimally invasive procedures have grown in popularity recently in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Nose fillers provide a secure and reliable solution to precisely shape your nose with the use of cutting-edge procedures and qualified practitioners. This article will go into the world of nasal fillers and provide all the essential information regarding this game-changing treatment.

Dermal Fillers For Nose

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What are Nose Fillers?

Nose fillers, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure where a dermatologist injects hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite into the specific areas of the nose to give a definition to the nose. It is done when there is a minor change. Fillers for nose are good for the people who have minor issues with their nose.

The result of dermal fillers for the nose is rapid and it lasts for 6 months to one year depending on the type of filler.

Nose Filler Before and After

You can see the difference between the before and after fillers for the nose by clicking here. You can get the best fillers for your nose as well at our clinic. Book an appointment today with Dr Alaa Aref, the most skilled dermatologist in Saudi Arabia.

Types of Nose Fillers

Following are the types of nose fillers:

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Considered as the best fillers for the nose and are used to add volume and contour to the nose. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that defines done perfectly. Hyaluronic acid fillers include Restylane and Juvederm.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite Fillers

These types of fillers are used to add volume and definition to the nose. This is a substance that naturally occurs in our body. These fillers includes Radiesse.

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Fillers

These types of fillers are one of the best fillers for the nose because they are long lasting and are made of tiny plastic beads suspended in a gel. These fillers are used for reshaping the nose, and the results are permanent. Bella fill is an example of this filler.

It is important to consult a doctor before going for any surgical or cosmetic procedure. The type of fillers you will get will depend on the condition you have. If you don’t need fillers, the doctor will tell you. It is better to go to an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr Alaa Aref to get the best results.

Who needs Nose Fillers?

People who are looking to make their appearance better need fillers for their nose. Nose fillers are convenient because it’s a non-surgical procedure and people get their desired nose shape without any surgery.

Nose Job is also an option for people in Saudi Arabia who are looking to change their nose symmetry.

Nose fillers are used for improving the appearance, but it is used for some medical reasons as well. In case, a person has deviated septum, and surgery is not required, the person can get nose fillers and the recovery time is very less. Other than this, any nasal deformity that affects breathing, fillers for the nose are useful.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Alaa Aref will do a comprehensive examination during your private consultation before reviewing your medical and surgical histories, as well as the drugs you have been taking. She will then offer you a suggestion based on your problem. She will give you advice on what would be ideal for you if you were thinking about getting botox or nose fillers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Our clinic will let you know the specifics of your treatment day if you are given the go-ahead for the therapy. Your pre-treatment instructions will include guidance on what to do and what not to do.

How long Dermal Fillers For Nose last??

The duration of nose fillers depends on the type and quantity of filler that is used. It also depends on an individual’s metabolism.

Hyaluronic acid fillers last for about 6 to 9 months, while calcium hydroxyapatite lasts for about one year. PMMA fillers are the permanent fillers, but it is essential to know the type of your problem before getting nose fillers. Whichever is suitable for you, go for that.

Procedure for Nose Fillers

Given below is the procedure of nose fillers:

  • Consultation is a must when it comes to any surgical or cosmetic procedure. It is essential to have a proper consultation with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon in order to get complete knowledge on the nose fillers.

  • The aesthetician will prepare your nose for the procedure by cleaning it and giving you anesthesia, in order to minimize the discomfort.

  • Once you are prepared for the treatment, the dermatologist will inject the filler in your nose using fine needles on the targeted areas.

  • Once the treatment is done, your dermatologist will check whether the fillers are equally distributed or not.

  • Post-treatment instructions will be provided. It is important to follow those instructions to avoid risks. Do not touch your nose. Use the medications prescribed by the doctor.

Nose fillers are a safe and effective way to reshape your nose according to you, and enhance your features. It is important to go to an expert and consult properly. Opt for the procedure recommended by the doctor in order to avoid any inconvenience later.

“Get the perfect nose you've always wanted with our nose fillers in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.”

Who shouldn’t get Nose Fillers?

People with minor issues can go for the dermal fillers for nose, but in some cases, nasal fillers are not suitable for everyone.

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding shouldn't get nose fillers because of the substances they are made with. It can be dangerous and can cause some serious issues.

  • People who have infections or allergies are not supposed to get fillers as it can get worse. It can cause itchiness, rashes or bruises.

  • People with sensitive skin should avoid nose fillers as the needles injected might give them bruises.

  • People with heavy bleeding issues should avoid nose fillers.

It is important to consult with your cosmetic surgeon before getting nose fillers. Share your medical history with him, and if you are not suitable for the procedure, don’t go for it, as it might cause problems later.

What are the Benefits of Nose Fillers?

The following are some advantages of nasal fillers:

  • Non-surgical: Compared to traditional rhinoplasty, which requires invasive surgery and a prolonged recovery period, nose fillers are a non-surgical option.

  • Simple and quick: The procedure usually only takes a few minutes to complete and causes little downtime.

  • Instant results: Changings can be seen straight away by patients because nose fillers have fast effects.

  • Reversible: Unlike surgical rhinoplasty, the effects of nose fillers can be undone if the patient is dissatisfied with the final appearance.

  • Low-impact: The injection procedure is low-impact and normally entails.

It is important to consult with a cosmetic surgeon in order to know the pros and cons of the treatment. Also, go for a detailed checkup to see which procedure is best for you.

What are the Risks of Nose Fillers?

Although nose fillers are considered safe, there are some potential risks as well. Some of the risks are mentioned below:

  • Swelling and bruising: A small percentage of individuals may develop swelling and bruising near the injection site, but this usually goes away in a few days.

  • Infection: Each injectable procedure, including the use of nasal fillers, carries a negligible risk of infection.

  • Allergic reactions: Some patients may experience itching, redness, and other symptoms if they are allergic to the components used in dermal fillers.

  • Filler migration: which happens when the substance spreads from the injection site to other areas of the face, is a danger when done by a non professional dermatologist.

It is essential to discuss every potential risk with your doctor before undergoing any treatment. Choose an experienced surgeon and get yourself the best treatment in order to regret later.

How much Time does it take to Recover after getting Nose Fillers?

The recuperation period following nasal fillers in Jeddah Saudi Arabia is often brief, and the majority of patients can return to their regular activities right away. However, there can be some bruising and swelling near the injection site, which might last for a few days.

To reduce the risk of infection or discomfort, patients are recommended to refrain from touching or scratching the injection site for at least 24 hours following the operation.

Also, it is advised to wait at least 24 hours after the treatment before engaging in intense activity, being exposed to heat or cold, or consuming alcohol.

To achieve a quick and pain-free recovery, patients should adhere to all post-procedure advice given by their doctor. Patients should call their doctor right once if they experience any odd symptoms or consequences.

Are Rhinoplasty and Nose Fillers the same?

No, rhinoplasty and nose fillers are not the same. They both are different procedures in order to provide the nose a perfect shape and to treat nasal issues.


Nose Fillers

Rhinoplasty is a surgical process which involves changing the nose structure through a surgery.

Nose fillers are injected into the nose as a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty in order to change the contour or improve the look of the nose.

Rhinoplasty is a permanent solution and an invasive procedure.

​Nose fillers are temporary and need to be redone after a certain period.

Rhinoplasty takes a longer time to recover.

​The recovery of nose fillers is done in little to no time.

Rhinoplasty in Saudi Arabia is costly.

​Nose fillers in Saudi Arabia are cost effective.

What is the Cost of Nose Fillers?

The cost of Nasal Fillers in Jeddah depends on multiple factors like which fillers you are getting or what is the quantity of fillers. It also depends on the complexity of your problem, the type of fillers and number of sessions.

Why Dr. Alaa Aref?

It is very important to get your treatment from an expert to get the best results and complete satisfaction.

Dr. Alaa Aref is one of the most influential women's in Saudi Arabia and the most experienced cosmetic surgeon with 18 years of experience in this field. I assure you will not be disappointed by visiting our clinic and having your treatment from here.

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Do fillers make your nose bigger?

Fillers often aren't made to enlarge the nose. Instead, they are utilized to increase volume and fill in areas that appear sunken or flattened, reshaping and enhancing the nose. Without increasing the nose's overall size, this might give the appearance of a more symmetrical and proportionate nose.

Yet, in rare instances, overfilling a region or injecting filler incorrectly can actually enlarge or emphasize the nose. To guarantee that the treatment is customized to the demands and objectives of the specific patient, it is crucial to speak with a trained medical specialist who has expertise conducting nose fillers.

Will my nose go back to normal after nose fillers?

How do you sleep after a nose filler?

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