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Comparing Different Types Of Facial Fillers & Prices in Doha, Qatar

Features of your face are an essential part of boosting your confidence and lifestyle. Every individual wishes for smooth and wrinkle-less skin. The anti-aging solution is to get facial fillers to look younger. The different types of fillers give different results in enhancing the features of the face depending on cost. The cost of facial fillers varies on many factors. Read below to explore comparing Different Types Of Facial Fillers & Prices in Doha, Qatar

Comparing Different Types Of Facial Fillers & Prices in Doha, Qatar

Quick Facts:

Cost: varies from case to another

Results: long time

Back to work: one-week

Duration of Treatment: it lasts for about 18 to 20 months

Type of Procedure: injectable

Facial fillers

Facial fillers are dermal fillers that are administered under the skin of the face to gain a smooth appearance. They help increase the volume and facial features.

Comparison of different types of facial fillers:

There are many types of facial fillers in Doha, Qatar for different purposes according to one's desire.

Some of them are as follows:

Hyaluronic acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced which helps in increasing volume and keeping skin hydrated. As you grow older, your body stops producing this acid which result in wrinkle. so to remove wrinkles, HA is injected into the skin. it results lasted for almost one year

Calcium hydroxy lapatite:

The substances of calcium hydroxy lapatite are present in the bones of a is soft and gel-like and is injected directly into the skin. it is used to treat deeper wrinkles and to enlarge the volume of the face. For instance, beallafil lasts longer than hyaluronic acid.

Polylactic Acid:

polylactic acid produces collagen. it reduces with increasing age. it also gives volume for elasticity and hydrates the skin. this filler takes time to give results and it lasts for more than a year.


It consists of a ball that stays inside the skin to give hydration. bellafim is one of polymethylmethacrylate.

Comparing Different Types Of Facial Fillers & Prices in Doha, Qatar

Selecting filler according to one's need:

Every filler gives change results. some fillers are as follows:

  • Botox and Dysport filler are used to get smooth and frown lines

  • To achieve smoothness of skin use Belotero

  • Bellafil is used for giving smiles and laughing lines on the ace

  • Belotero helps treat plumping of the lips

  • For acne, use bellafil

Cost of facial fillers:

The average cost of dermal filler varies between 400 QAR to 800 QAR. Facial filler cost depends on the type of filler. it is recommended to consult a doctor and ask for pricing according to skin condition about different types of filler. Then you grab the treatment which is according to your pocket. Hurry up and book a consultation at Alaa Arif Clinic for the best Fillers.

Cost factors:

Many factors affect the cost of facial filler some of them are as follows:

  • A kind of dermal filler used

  • Location

  • Number of syringes

  • Doctors experience

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Is bellafil a filler?

Yes, bellafil is of facial filler type made up of collagen.

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